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John Hartigan
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Close your eyes and imagine:

  • the world's best specialists on IT security;
  • 48 hours of expert lectures, workshops, and panel discussions; 
  • Capture the Flag;
  • competitions

Now open your eyes and begin your preparations for one of the most important IT security conferences of the year – CONFidence 2015, 25-26 May in Krakow!

The following individuals have already participated in CONFidence as lecturers:

  • Anton Chuvakin 
  • Bruce Schneier
  • Chris Palmer
  • Dan Kaminsky
  • Daniel Mende
  • David Hulton
  • Dinis Cruz 
  • Gynvael Coldwind
  • Jacob Appelbaum
  • Jesse Burns
  • Joanna Rutkowska
  • Mateusz “J00ru” Jurczyk
  • Shawn Merdinger
  • Tavis Ormandy

The CONFidence meetings started in 2005 as a project created by a group of enthusiasts with deep interest in improving the security of systems and applications. A few years were enough to turn it into the biggest hackers' meeting in Poland.

Every year at least 400 guests gather at CONFidence. Among them there are top specialists on IT security from the government, industry, bank sector and universities as well as scientists and software developers.

During the upcoming edition we will develop the Capture The Flag competition. CTF debuted on CONFidence last year, and was organised by Dragon Sector - Polish team under the leadership of Gynvael Coldwind and Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk, which currently occupies first place in the CTF competition in the world. Players participating in the Capture the Flag will have to demonstrate skills in areas such as cryptography, steganography, programming, web security, low-level exploitation and forensics. Prizes await for the winning team - tickets for the next edition of CONFidence and electronic gadgets, among others.


CONFidence is at the same time a knowledge base, a gathering of amazing personalities and a chance to make the most out of it. In less and more casual atmosphere. During a lecture and at the party. Listening to the best specialists and meeting them in person.

If the topics of IT Security sound interesting to you, CONFidence is the place to go.