The Lights and Shadows of Forum Hotel - We're Going to Take You on a Mysterious and Dark Journey into the Heart of Krakow...


Since the very begining we've been striving to make CONFidence a unique event.The conference offers both great amounts of the latest knowledge and generous doses of passion. The 13th edition of the biggest hacker meeting in Poland is coming soon. This year we wish to show you a place that really stands out with its history and architecture – the Forum Hotel placed on Marii Konopnickiej Streeton the numer 28. This is where our may meeting will be held.


The most interesting places, people or events usually have two side to them – the bright one, filled with light and related to great successes and unforgettable memories, and the dark one, full of uncertainties that give them a legendary status and make them a perfect movie subject. A lot of people would agree that the Forum Hotel is just that.


The history of the Forum Hotel began in 1978. Its construction was directed by renowned Polish architect Janusz Ingarden. The whole process was completed by 1989, and for the next few years the Forum Hotel served as one of the most impressive components of Krakow's infrastructure. It was the most modern of the city’s hotels, the first to fully utilize computers, with 278 rooms, six conference halls for 600 guests, and all sorts of other facilities. However, the year 2002 brought a sudden end to the hotel, when it was announced that it must be closed due to construction defects. It was not until 2007 that the General Office of Building Control carried out an inspection and informed that there was really nothing wrong with the building...


Today the Forum Hotel is the subject of countless arguments and debates, but also the pride of many. Some people can't wait for the day of its demolition, while others argue that its beauty and historical value deserve another chance. It could still very well be used as an apartment house. In the meantime it is something between a mysterious, grayish, intriguing “ghost hotel”, and an event spot for conferences and festivals. In 2010 the film Mystification by Jacek Koprowicz was shot in the former hotel.


The Forum Hotel has been getting more and more lively for the last couple of years. It attracts a lot of attention not just because of its history and design, but also thanks to its wonderful location – with a view of Wawel Hill and the picturesque paths along the Wisla River. Inside you can find the hip Forum Przestrzenie bar, which opened a year ago and has been crowded every weekend since. It hasn’t completely lost its gloomy and mysterious qualities though. Don't you think that a place like this, with both a bright and a dark side to it, is the perfect location for CONFidence?

Hotel Forum is placed at the Marii Konopnickiej Street 28.